School Management Software

Dial Flare offer best school management software in Ara (India) that empowers your school management. Our School Management Software is most popular software solution for school with latest IT Technology. Over past 8 years we are working directly with administrators, faculty, and parents to create the best tools to simplify and automate day-to-day processes, and find ways to make communication between schools and families easier and more accessible.

Features of School Management Software

1.School Administration
Management of School Data and Trust Information
2.Account Management
Manage Expenses and income of the school in very efficient way and generate the customized accounting reports.
3.Student/Staff Attendance
Track and generate the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis Reports.
4.Fee Collection
Collection of all types of fees in smooth way and easily print receipt.
5.Admission Process
Cash and Cheque Payment is easily manageable. Easily generate the Bulk student’s data regarding all the admission process.
6.School Transportation
Easily manages the vehicle details and maintains the driver and route details.


a) Reduce Paper Costs: Schools run on paper. From student files to applications to report cards, paper is a major expense that most schools struggle with. Our software organizes and manages everything. This gives schools the potential to save thousands on paper alone and makes them more eco-friendly to boot!

b) Reduce Employee Hours: Automation reduces working hours. If you’re relying on hourly employees to do the tasks that have now been computerized, let Our software do the heavy lifting. Save money on overtime, benefits, and salary by switching to an automated system.

c) Reduce Meeting Time: No school could function without regular meetings or could it? Most school management software options provide streamlined communications systems so that parents, teachers, and administrators can all work together without wasted face-to-face time. Efficiency is king when it comes to software, and our software makes communication less of a time sink throughout the academic year.